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A Dollwhore is a female which voluntarily offers her body for humiliation and deviant sexual exploitation. Her motive may or may not me financial.

A female might slide into a Dollwhore as a reaction to rape in hope of reliving the event will heal her wounds.
"I dont recognise Angie anymore. After she returned from overseas, she has turned into a dollwhore. All she does is sleep with multiple old strange men"
by Twin_Peaks December 19, 2011
A doll collector without scruples who will volunteer or attend ANY doll event that gives away a collectible item or doll regardless of the promoters. These are the type of collectors who would go to Auschwitz wearing a Hitler costume if someone told them there was a free doll involved.
TSC Basala volunteered to work for free at the doll show, slapping on his SS uniform and putting his hand out for the free Sybarite Doll like a typical doll whore.
by jammin jay September 24, 2010
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