(1) verb. To deliberate slow down when crossing traffic with the passive-aggressive intent to inconvenience or annoy blocked traffic.May be done on foot, bike or by motor vehicle. (2) Noun. An act of doking.
The guy in the red BMW was really pissed when you doked him in the crosswalk.

Nice doke!
by Dr. Lex May 18, 2009
Top Definition
to chatter amiably; To have a good conversation with
The word Doke is a verb and one of the most American words in the English Language
John Doe was upset but a doke with his best friend made him feel better

I wanted to doke that brunette at the party so bad but I was too shy to make a move

Hey My name is _____ Lets Doke!
by Daykallmesaga September 10, 2011
Short for "okey dokey" - meaning "OK".
by tdrum July 09, 2010
the n-word for a white person
that guy broke my tv. he's such a doke!
by db33 March 20, 2012
if you smell doke, you are basically sniffing dank smoke coming from a joint in the distance
hey homie, do you smell that doke?
by LordOmega November 14, 2014
Buttocks of ladies
"Hey, look at that girl, nice dokes, hmmm"
by $mart@$$ April 10, 2009
To take a hit from a bong through your penis.

Also known as "hitting the shlong bong" and "dro-job"
Max and Cam were getting doked out together on the balcony.
by thestraightrealest September 29, 2012
Refers to Holyoke, Massachusetts - aka "yoke". Can also be used as derision : Those Stupid D'okes when referring to how stupid people in that area can be.
1. Headin' to D'oke to buy me some jammies.

2. Typical, those D'okes wouldn't understand!
by Alan Magnus August 20, 2005
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