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On the 17th of September 1918 - the end of World War I. Germany is almost defeated as well as Austro-Hungary. Their ally Bulgaria is standing at the Macedonian front against the vast army of the allies which includes britains french serbians greeks indians australians americans and new zealands total number - 336 000 men with artillery. Against them is standing 9th Pleven Division which consists of 11 000 bulgarian soldiers and 11th Macedonian Division which includes macedonian militia. At the night before the battle the allies fired 370 000 shells including chemical shells. They thought that they destroyed the Bulgarian army but actually they killed only 9 men. In the morning the allied army attacked the Bulgarian possitions. The bulgarians are firing at the britans with 430 machine guns almost no one survives. The greeks also attacked the macedonian possitions but the defenders had flamethrowers and they burned around 10 000 greeks. At the end of the battle the britain army was annihilated - more than 65 000 casualties. It was the biggest military defeat in the whole british war story.
Doiran is small city in today`s Macedonia
by Vladimir Vazov February 13, 2009
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