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A hilarious internet song made by Ray William Johnson and Fatty Spins.
Yeah I was doin' your mom! yes yours, first saw at the Wal-Mart pickin' out your drawers. Big Dolly Parton hair like an '80's prom queen, but her ass was lookin' all up in those mom jeans. So I approached her in the checkout line and said, "Yo baby! Wassup?" she had two gallons of milk and I was starin' at her jugs. 5 minutes later she agreed to get with me so we went and rocked the minivan like Giggity-giggity-giggity!
by I'm doin' your mom! January 19, 2010
A slang term for fucking your mother. Often used as a comeback. Commonly used among sixth graders in school.
Lady Gaga was doin your mom last night.
by shizjizzmywizz March 13, 2010
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