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What dog owners must remember all their lovely pets have. It is the canine equivalent to dignity. You should respect your pet’s dognity by not dressing him/her up in froufrou clothing, or by putting booties onto their feet, or by pushing them around in a doggy stroller, as any of these activities strip them of what already little dognity they have left after being manhandled every time they get a bath.
That poor dog! Her owner puts clothes on her and then prances her all around the neighborhood with no thought at all towards her dognity. I bet if she had opposable thumbs, that dog would kill herself.
by Jace555 May 04, 2009
The canine equivalent of dignity.
Martin: Is that the Easter bunny or is it Eddie?
Niles: Oh Dad, can't you spare that poor animal for just one commercial holiday? These humiliating outfits must deprive him entirely of any true sense of dognity.
by Matthew Lake July 05, 2007