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An undefined sexual term mentioned on Season 1 Episode 2 of The Boondocks (DVD Version) by Cristal (like the champagne..).

Possibly the Anal variation of the infamous Teabag.
Waiter @ Red Lobster: Doggie bag?
Cristal: A Doggie bag is 90 bucks, a Teabag is 50 but I have to ask you to excuse me right now, see I'm kinda you know on a real date.
by Imacyco August 06, 2006
when you open up the vagina and then put in only your balls and let it close up. you now have the option to jack off.
just fuckin try it. doggie baggin is the shit
by the end of the end November 30, 2010
A bag that one barfs in after eating "Captin' D's"
Oh my god i need a doggie bag or I'm make the floor wet!
by Derp Hooves March 05, 2015
When a person at a bar ends up bringing home a girl so ugly, he can only do her doggie style, and still has to put a bag over her head
Eric went to the bar to find a hot chick to hook up with, but ended up taking home a doggie bag.
by Chris Del Dodge-Orrigo March 27, 2008
When a female is hunched over a toilet throwing up from a night of excessive drinking and her boyfriend or new guy comes in from behind and gives her a good ol' doggie style shagging.
Poor becky was throwing up after a long night of drinking and darts so I snuck up on her, pulled her singed hair back and Doggie Bagged her! Becky was thrilled to get Doggie Bagged on her birthday making it the highlight of her night!
by Roadieoverthegate June 12, 2007
When your snorting cocaine, or anything really, and several minutes or hours later you sniff hard to clear your nostils and get a drip or ball of mucus full of the substance you were snorting. You just ate your doggie bag.
Damn, that was a big doggie bag!
by TriceeStar August 11, 2006
wen sum person is all in ur face, and later u chop der dog into peeces wid a chainsaww and put it in a dog bag aand wip it at teh hater. wile dy r all liek aaaaah u chop dem in haff using teh saem chainsaww.
I doggie baged sum hatahz
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