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As defined by former GWAR member The Sexecutioner, a doggie doo snowcone is the last of his sexual demands outlined the song of his namesake; the previous demands being: genital herpes, golden showers, and a spiked dog collar. This final demand, the doggie doo snowcone, is a rather obscure take on the classic yellow snowcone, however fresh dog shit is substituted in the place of urine. Now a cone full of snow, topped with steamy dog feces does not complete the act of "doing" a doggie doo snowcone. In order to finish this transaction, the cone must be fervently mashed against some part, preferably the face, of a person's body while engaged in a sexual act.
Randy got an "F" on his spelling test; that night he went without his doggie doo snowcone. He was, however, still raped by his father.
#yellow snowcone #cleveland steamer #scat #fisherman's tacklebox #whisker buisquit ox
by Brent Smagler March 30, 2012
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