being beaten excessively bad at a video game, sport, or just at life in general
Guy #1 Dude, did you see that one-on-one bball game between Daevon and Marquis.

Guy #2: Yeah, Marquis dogged Daevon something vicious
by Quist95 May 08, 2011
to be dogged in nerdball, when someone gets you out in an unsportsmanlike manner
man you dogged me so bad today in nerdball
by extremely anonymous August 28, 2008
1. really old and worn looking shoes or clothing.

Ex: That man has on some really dogged Air Force Ones.
2. To have been beaten up really bad.

Ex: They dogged that fool on the corner the other night.
by Miss Illy Philly February 17, 2004
followed determinedly - positively or negatively
I have been dogged by this saying/incident/etc for years.

I am a Caucasian Australian who grew up in the 1960's.
by AusDriver August 15, 2006
The act when one goes up to another person and unexpectly starts to make out with the person
I was standing there and Ashley comes up turns me around and just dogged me!
Verb. to dog

The Act of unemotional, no strings attached sexual activity. The frat boy dream.

(/i)doggin, dogged, a dog
Kobe Bryant dogged in Vail.

The little slut at the bar was dogged by the entire football team.

She is a dog. One who everyone knows they can "dog".
by The DogMan October 20, 2007
stubbornly determined.
He was dogged to get the hot chick at school.
by The Gookster January 10, 2005

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