male version of a cat fight, fought over something petty or stupid typically started by sore losers , spoiled brats and wimps
-The Seattle Seahawks dog-fight last night during the Superbowl was freaking hilarious.
-That dog-fight in the mud scene during Thor was so added for the ladies in the audience. ;)
by AmericanSheila February 01, 2015
Like a cat fight but only involving ugly women.
"Did you see that dog fight last night? Man, those chicks looked like dudes. I have never been so turned off."
by edbrodo April 07, 2010
An auto racing term borrowed from air combat terminology, used to describe a battle between two or more drivers that involves a lot of overtaking and changing of position.
Did you see that last lap between Hamilton, Button and Massa? Now that was a dogfight!
by Airrider October 10, 2009
A contest between men where the objective is to find the ugliest, nastiest girl possible and invite her out. Whichever man brings the ugliest girl wins the dogfight.
John won the dogfight because his girl was completely gross.
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
The opposite of a catfight. A brawl between two men!
Oh, man, a dogfight broke out between those two people... I think he hit him with a pitch!
by Johnny Garfield July 16, 2006
When, at the start of the night, all the guys put money into a pot, and decide to go for the dirtiest of dirties. At the end of the night, whoever got with the filthiest girl wins the pot.
"This party is going to be pure dirt from Uptown."
"Better call a Dog Fight!"
by the product August 22, 2005
A group of males on a night out put money into a hat. At the end of the night the male who pulled the ugliest lady wins the pot.
*Beginning of the night*
Greg - "You up for a dog fight?"
Dave - "Yeah, a fiver in?"
Greg - "Go get Alan an then its £15"

*End of the night*
Alan - "Dave your bird was the dirtiest slapper I've ever seen in my life. You deserve £15 for that!"
by JammyH July 11, 2005

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