when someone commit such a back stabbing/ Dodgie act that the only way to describe it as a "dog act"
'Man WTF that was such dog act davies'
'that was lower than a scam, dog act'
by Brice Grosbergis November 05, 2006
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The act of doing something socially unacceptable
Alex cheated with his best friends girlfriend. He committed a dog act
by potenza March 09, 2009
sleeping with a mate's girlfriend,
not returning a favour,
not returning a shout at the pub,
drinking the last half pot of beer out of a jug you didn't buy,
cheating - especially when when what you're doing is not competitive
tony: "that prick john always disappears when it's his turn to shout!"

sam: "yeh, what a f*ing dog-act!"
by trunkman27 July 05, 2005
The act of being an absolute tosser at a particular moment
John: It was so funny when I poked a hole in Wayne's condom
Ben: That was such a dog act
by BillOddie July 04, 2014
The act of being a dog.
Cancelling a dual-linked flight to Thailand, but cancelling the ticket when you don't want to go - even though the other person still does.

"Hey man, I'm cancelling the flight" ... "DOG ACT!"
by Jetstar_control November 16, 2011
The act of one selling someone out or betraying someone, usually their friend or colleague. Usually occurs for the attendance of an event e.g. a wedding, party or other social function.
Steve: "Hey man are you coming to my birthday party next weekend?"
Zoran: "Yeah man 100% for sure!"
Steve: "Hey have you guys seen Zoran, he said he was coming?"
Josh: "Nah Zoran's a dog, just one of his many dog acts probably."
by Pepsi007 October 11, 2010
A quote used so much and so inappropriately that in retaliation to even a valid comment someone would shut down that person and say dog act, or even just say dog act to annoy a certain person
Terence: man your such a dog, dog act man dog act.
GBK: terence that was a dog act man your so right!(sarcasm very much so present throughout tone) god giraffes !
by GggGbK July 19, 2005

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