Leaving a party without saying goodbye to anyone.
Rhonda was feeling slightly awkward at the house party where she didn't know anyone, so she dog walked.
by yogabbagabba177 December 14, 2009
Top Definition
A term used to define total domination.
A corvette will "dog walk" a Scion TC. Or Marks Scion got "dogwalked" by that Sky Redline. Mark got "dogwalked" by Dell in that fight!
by Jeff Jeffro Jefrey September 23, 2008
A gang dance that was developed in New York.
Dat nigga Dog Walked all over that grim set flag!
by NiggaSteve November 11, 2007
this is another name for the D-DoG Dance which originally was created by a small gang in new york.
yo man dat nigga doin the dog walk all ova that grim set flag!
by comptonnigga November 04, 2007
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