A group of asian girls who all look like Dogs.
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
a group of mo fo posers from mission who shuld get their asses wooped fo bein such fags
by ??? February 27, 2003
A group of asian girls from Irvington
Who is that, oh, its the DogPound
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
where your dad met your mom
also a group of asian girls that look like dogs
Your mom is so ugly, your dad met her at the dogpound.
by me February 27, 2003
When engaging in intercourse from behind with a vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise eating-compromised female, force the subject to eat a raw 32 oz. beef tenderloin...and like it.
I was nailing my vegan girlfriend the other day and I did the Dog Pound to her. Now she has a tapeworm.
by JohnHank806 December 30, 2007
the tapping of two fists together following the conclusion of something sweet, or solid.
Seriously dude, that was solid. *dog pound*
by M-money March 08, 2004

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