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When you want to bone a Butter Face but shes a Butter Face so you hit it doggy style and give her a bowl with food to keep her busy so mid fuck she doesn't turn around and look at you with that face of hers
Dude you see that chick with the ass?
Yeah man but shes got a fugly ass face man
Dude dog bowl that shit
by skokilla December 15, 2015
A type of penis puppetry in which a male stretches his scrotum out to its maximum elasticity; creating "bowl" to catch a big load that runs down his penis; then to have his partner lap the cum like a dog out of his scrotum bowl.
All the chicks love Brandon's dog bowl.
by Bigjaker December 04, 2013
A girl catches cum in her hand from a handjob and slurps it up like a dog does a water bowl.
I don't spit nor swallow semen, I dog bowl.
by modrall11 November 23, 2010
Noun: A type of magazine used with assault rifles that resembles a "dog bowl", usually containing seventy five rounds and up. This is an actual military term.

I have my dog bowl and am ready to hit the range!

by Scott Free October 02, 2006
a particularly rigourous blow job, so named as it resembles a hungry labrador scoffing the final remains of the pedigree chum.
"she was insatiable, she dogbowled the hell out of me"
by mr jolly June 09, 2005
A Term commonly used between friends having a laugh, or as a stupid insult with a funny twist.
"Hey Dogbowl, you coming over later?"
"Hey Dogbowl u smell!"
by BrettieBoi May 13, 2009
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