A type of penis puppetry in which a male stretches his scrotum out to its maximum elasticity; creating "bowl" to catch a big load that runs down his penis; then to have his partner lap the cum like a dog out of his scrotum bowl.
All the chicks love Brandon's dog bowl.
by Bigjaker December 04, 2013
A girl catches cum in her hand from a handjob and slurps it up like a dog does a water bowl.
I don't spit nor swallow semen, I dog bowl.
by modrall11 November 23, 2010
a particularly rigourous blow job, so named as it resembles a hungry labrador scoffing the final remains of the pedigree chum.
"she was insatiable, she dogbowled the hell out of me"
by mr jolly June 09, 2005
Noun: A type of magazine used with assault rifles that resembles a "dog bowl", usually containing seventy five rounds and up. This is an actual military term.

I have my dog bowl and am ready to hit the range!

by Scott Free October 02, 2006
A Term commonly used between friends having a laugh, or as a stupid insult with a funny twist.
"Hey Dogbowl, you coming over later?"
"Hey Dogbowl u smell!"
by BrettieBoi May 13, 2009

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