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Dog Chapman is a 5'4", 122 lbs. Dog wears special cowboy boots that make him 5'6" tall. His face is so destroyed from smoking he has to wear sunglasses.

This self proclaimed "bounty hunter" was involved in a murder some years ago. He was able to reduce his charge by ratting out his friends.

His roving band of white trash people often chase tiny crack heads and spray them with pepper spray.

Duane Dog Chapman is a total pussy.

Look honey, Dog Chapman just tackled another girl.

Why does Dog Chapman think he's an Indian?

Dog Chapman pretends to be from Hawaii when every one knows he is a white trash person from the trailers of Colorado.

How does Dog Chapman fuck that fat wife?
by Young Blood Chapman September 14, 2007
1. A small wrinkled shit log.

2. A tiny turd in a toilet.

3. Struggling to shit and only being able to squeeze out a poo ball.
1. When I opened the rest room door, Larry Craig was jacking off and I noticed someone had left a Dog Chapman in the bowl.

2. When I flushed it all went down except for a Dog Chapman.

3. I was on the bowl for 30 mins and finally was able to shit out a Dog Chapman.
by Young Blood Chapman September 14, 2007
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