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1:Portugese for stupid
2:An extinct bird from Mauritus
3:The coolest Looney Toon
by steve May 06, 2003
This person is completely retarded, clumsy, dramatic, lazy, stupid and gets confused very easily but is beautiful inside and out. An amazing stunning person. She is loyal and trustworthy. She respects others. she is shy at first and isnt very confident but when she is around the people she cares about and the people she can be her stupid but lovable self with can be quite loud. Has had alot of bad things happen to her in the past and is still very sensitive about most of it. she has no confidence and truly believes that she is fat and ugly but is truly beautiful. cares for others and is alot more loved than she thinks. she has many defense walls put up and finds it hard to trust others because of things that have happened. if you know a dodo dont EVER let her go as she is unique and one in a million. she would do anything for her friends and family.
dodo is a stupid person but is kind loyal beautiful and lovable once you know the real her she is impossible to forget.
by dghiegoljgpokihrkncdmafkv August 22, 2011
also known as Plantain.
Dodo a crop in the genus Musa and is generally used for cooking, in contrast to the soft, sweet banana (which is sometimes called the dessert banana)
dodo is best served HOT
by novacrossQueen December 02, 2010
a nickname used for the hottest guy at your school. this guy is usually named cameron, though not always, and is mostly called a "stud". this is for the purpose of using when guy is around and you want to talk about him. :)
"Omg, the dodos are so incredibly sexy!"
"Goddamnit! We all love the dodos so much!"
"Lets marry the dodos." :)
by Hot Sexy Steamy September 19, 2009
One who make people extremely happy. Extremely down to earth and is extremly sweet. Dodos are currently endangered with no sight of the population regaining strength. If you happen upon a true dodo yoo must study them for months to determine if they are an authentic Dodo.
The Dodo played gently in the meadow!
by Norte Borracho July 31, 2006
A dad of daughters only; any man who either by natural birth or by way of marriage is parenting daughters only. Not to be confused with a GOGO, grandfather of granddaughters only or a SOSO DODO, a dad of daughters only raising some other schmuck's offspring.
Upon the birth of his third daughter John is a true DODO.

Bill is hoping he'll have a son this time so that he can shake that DODO stigma.

If Sam marries Sally, he'll become a DODO to her daughter.
by Greg Gerber April 28, 2007
The Dodo is the 'underground' cadet humor magazine published at USAFA, co-opted by the Academy administration after one too many sharp barbs directed at them. Named for the now-extinct flightless dodo bird.
Hey, did you read the newest crappy paper Dodo?
by AFriend April 21, 2003