the coolest girl ever!!!! haha she makes me laugh like every day and she if so fun. crazy. but fun. i have known her for forever and she is AMAZING!!! u mite cone across a dodo once in your life. there are not many people like her. haha she loves to have fun and has crazy ideas and a little secret........concerning a good friend of mine. chompie. haha maybe she will tell you about him if u get to know her well enough. until then i will leave u in suspense... hahaha she has CRAZZYYY hair. king James as it is commonly called. it is a bit unruly and she is thinking about getting it thinned out. don't tell her but i secretly hope she wont bc it is her trademark. we love watching crazy movies like norbit. bahahaha omg we have so much fun. i can't wait to use my wild fling!!! we are working on finding her a man bc she is amazing and totally deserves a killer dude. doesnt she sound appealing???? haha shes mine!!! hands off!! haha for now anyway until we fine the prefect guy for my darling Do.
she is crazy like a lion in a donut eating contest. her beauty outshines the heat lamps bubbling heat lamps, sizzling the 12 month olde pizza in the EDS cafeteria.
her laugh is infectious. we have crazy laughing sessions for like hours on end and cry bc our sides hurt so much from the intense laughing.
on our 9th grade trip to saint simons with APDS she has this hust pimple on the veeerryyy tip of her nose. hahahaha she has to b like really careful about getting it wet because she would wash off the 26.7 tons of concealer that she had mounded upon it the morning prior to the "beach excursion" haha. she affectionately named it "the cherry" haha
everyday at APDS, ea sanamtha dodo and i all go to our "secret hideout" and eat lunce together. haha i would tell u where it is but then i would have to kill u.......hahaha we have sooo much fun together. making movies in which we pretend to be clolos (aka mexican gangsters for those of you who are not familiar with that term and have no affections for fat joe) retards, and german hobos, baking diformed cookies, and just being crazy all the time.
here at the fine establishment of augusta preparatory day school, do and i are on the cheerleading squad (i hate that word) some of our lovley goals of this squad are to do absolutely nothing at practice while we talk about guys and our love lives and sheer as little as possible for our heinous bball teams. we wear cute uniforms and thats about it.we are all secretly lesbians even though we may appear to be regular.hahahahahahahaha no rite now i have a boyfriend........he does not no. we are still in the closet....bahahahahahaha jkjk my secert lovers include DODO!!! shes number1.jackie is a close second followed by catherine, brianne, tiz(secretly a girl), caroline, taylor, am, lyndsey. but none of them have competition with. she accedes all the criteria with her impeccable style and southern home charm ahhahah
all of our glory days were at eds. ahh man the clique 5 had sooo much fun dang. good times, good times, i don't have room on the measly definition to express my feelings.
dodo is amazing, she rocks my world
#amazing #lion #hair #wild #sizzaling #olde #lezzie
by Aubrey Burnside January 07, 2008
The name of the worlds most amazing cocktail was created and named after my Dodo: the best grandma in the entire world.

1 part vanilla galliano
1 part frangelico
6 parts cranberry juice
served with ice and a slice of lime

Dodo's are crazy, irresistable, fun and everyone always wishes they had one of their own
That Dodo's totally amazing I wish I had one
#dodo #grandma #cocktail #amazing #irresistable
by katelovesdodo February 28, 2011
The Dodo is the 'underground' cadet humor magazine published at USAFA, co-opted by the Academy administration after one too many sharp barbs directed at them. Named for the now-extinct flightless dodo bird.
Hey, did you read the newest crappy paper Dodo?
by AFriend April 21, 2003
A group of people who try to lose sporting events by sabotaging it for those who care. Also an insecure maneuvre used by talentless athletes to turn any sport into a win/win.
XXX: Yo, did your team win the volleyball game yesterday?

Veni: Nah, it was fucked up by a bunch of DoDos.


DoDos: Haha! We succeeded in screwing up yet another game! We win!
#losers #suckathletes #cocky #goodathletes #southern dodos
by VerySadRaven February 13, 2010
A bar in Hammond Indiana full of drunken drug addicts . Any day of the week you can find Juice blown out and Dodo bitchin about her employeees and customers
Hey where can I get drunk and coked up in hammond? Dodos of course
#juice #dodos #hammond #indiana #coked
by brian link October 26, 2012
A person that looks like a dodo is a mushroom head. Usually Italian men have these traits. This also means they have blond hair, short, small dick, gross teeth, smelly breathe.
omg , look at that dodo." " oh where , oh wait joey ?
#mushroom #teeth #dodo #joey #italian
by mushrooms 4 lyfe May 14, 2011
A delicious dish made from frying plantain.
He fried dodo for dinner
#DodoAppreciationDay is December 2nd
#dodo #fried plantain #not potato #not chips #not fries
by temmyno1 December 02, 2010
i bird that is stupid and does not fly

can also relate to a person that is incredibly dumb
isnt that one of those exintinct birds

Jesus hell, Jerry Craig is a fucking dodo
by DOUGLAS April 28, 2004
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