A baseball team that plays in a Stadium that is known Nationwide as The Latrine.
With only ONE single playoff game win in the last 20 seasons, it is not surprising that their low IQ gang banger fans and their fat, twatty girlfirends don't show up until the 4th inning, and leave by the 7th inning. Management has attempted to coerce more fat cholos into showing up at all, by offering them high cholesterol, fatty, all you can eat meal deals in the right field pavilion.
Some say this is a government based attempt to rid the land of punk ass Rio Grand swimming illegal alien Mexicans, but if so, it is doomed to fail as they breed like flies, and not coincidentally smell like shit.
Yo esa, you gonna sell some crack and use dat cash to go to the Dodgers game?

Fuck ya homie, gotz me a new shiv too, and some blue tennis shoes.
And my girl, she pregnant again, won't tell me who did it. Fuck dat ho.
by Fernando V. September 20, 2007
Top Definition
A major league baseball team that plays in the National League West division. Their stadium is in Los Angeles, CA. An old and storied franchise, which has won 6 world series to date. They currently have two of the studliest players in baseball: Matt Kemp, who has the largest contract of any NL player as of 2012 at 160 million dollars and Clayton Kershaw, the 2011 Cy Young, Gold Glove, and Triple Crown winner.
Person 1: My goodness Matt Kemp is a beast!
Person 2: So glad I'm a Dodgers Fan!
by Dodgerfan27 February 09, 2012
A girl who doesn't swallow or take a facial during a blowjob.
"Yo I heard you got a bj off that girl!"
"Yeah, too bad she was a dodger."
by ixrxthethorn May 19, 2009
a shifty or sketchy person that cannot focus on reality due to their drug imtake
A person that is found rumaging through the Comfort Zone for 22 hours
by Tara May 06, 2005
n. any individual who performs fellatio on a male without committing fully to the process and s/he makes their escape just as the climax is reached.

Instead of spitting, swallowing, or wearing, the dodger makes a break for it in order to avoid the impending deluge.
Moses was enjoying the BJ, however, Frank was a dodger and ran for cover as soon as the money shot was launched.
by Team Craypas January 17, 2008
A white female that does not have sex with black guys.
"Man I would love to see Alexis Texas get pounded by Wesley Pipes in a flick!"

"COSIGN on this, but it's a damn shame she is a dodger.
by fevertrees November 21, 2010
"We need a loaf of dodger" or "get a bit of dodger into you son"
by RyanSmith January 31, 2009
A person with far less than perfect mental and / or motor ability, usually caused by consuming street level pharmaceuticals all weekend.
Wow, my ex girlfriend is such a dodger.
by George W May 06, 2005

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