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When you are Caught on the Fumble and you suddenly find a very convenient excuse or distraction to avoid answering giving a stupid or negative answer that could lead to a lot of trouble.
Samantha: (talking without end in sight about cats) I like cats, do you like cats, my favorite cat breed is the Egyptian Mau, the thing I like about them is...
John: (thinking about the Football Game last night)
Samantha: ...hey, what do you like better, the Maine Coon, or the Turkish Mau? And don't just say, 'because' liek you always do, or you're not getting any tonight!
John: (caught on the fumble) Oh yeah, um... (sees a Baskin Robins) Oh look, a Baskin Robins, want to get some ice cream there?
Samantha: (suddenly distracted by the offer of ice cream and forgets the question) Oh sure!
John: (thinks to himself) I managed to Dodge the Fumble right there, John...
by Anonymous Legend October 23, 2009
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