1. A sexy girl who loves to party. also known as a "j-dodd".
Damn that J-Dodd knows how to get it done.
by JDodd March 15, 2005
A nickname for any woman who has been been dry for their entire life. Typically a woman of this bitch-attude should be handled more carefully than plutonium. Any man who marries a woman of "Dodds" proportions deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, and an Oscar for not crying during the consummation.
Dude that dodds broke down that kids spirit for stapling a paper!

Bob "That Dodds is the anti-christ"

Rick "Dude that Dodds would make hitler shit his pants"
by scared-shitless October 30, 2010
A military brat that comes down with a disorder stemming from being around idiot kids in school who weren't raised right, because their parents are idiots too.
Ma'am, I'm afraid your son has come down with a case of the DODDS.
by Stryker Repulsation March 30, 2009
Dodd is synonymous with the word "nigger", albeit more lazy. Dodds usually hang around towns in the Midwestern United States, do drugs, steal things and often smell bad. Calling someone a Dodd is extremely derogatory.
Jade: Did you hear Maurice stole Andy's bike?
Jenna: Yeah, what a Dodd!
by NC Ginger May 26, 2011
Dodds is a widely used word in the United Kingdom for Sweets (u.s Candy)
"Got any dodds Boss ?"

"Oi where my dodds at ?!"

"Excuse me Madame, could you be so delightfully kind as to show me where I might find the dodds in your newspaper emporium ?"
by Dexterstrife December 30, 2009
From 'Mark Dodds' (1979-)schoolboy capable of spontaneous and passionate outbursts of very CAMP negativity. Has since become the hallmark of disapproval toward any subject and is heavily associated with the glottal enunciation of the 'Eunnghh' sound. CF: Chorus of Snow Patrol's 'Spitting Games'. Only slighlty less glamorous.
Every occasion that a gay stereotype might say "Ooh! Get you" or "Erm..." "Eunnghh". (I say gay, it's not their exclusive perogative, but they definitely have dibs on it.)
by Tits McGee April 01, 2005
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