1. Referring to Doc Martin boots.
2. Any shoe that is created by the Doc Martin manufacturer.
My Doc Martins lace up to my knees.
by Allora December 02, 2003
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incorrect spelling of Dr. Marten's. Commonly used by posers who don't own a pair. If they did they would be the wrong size because they wouldn't be able to figure out the us - uk shoe size difference.
Duh! I cant spell Dr. Marten's. I spell it Doc Martins. But I can spell urbandictionary.com. Why are these shoes so loose?
by slipsheet March 10, 2006
Boots worn by serious motherfuckers.

Characters by the yellow lace that runs around the edge of the show, worn by punks and skinheads.

White laces= Racist Skinhead
Red Races= Anti- Racist Skinhead
Black= Punk

Just as gangstas have their bling bling, punks and skins have their steelcaps, the boots are made for walking, fighting, and protecting your feet in the pit, if you see someone in a white shirt, red 1/2" braces, and Levi 501s tucked into docs, you better fucking watch your shit.
Guy on street: Look at that skin struttin his docs.
by Andrew Apocolypse January 10, 2005
Rappers and gansters have shoes skate shoes just to look cool
Doc Martins were designed to kick the fuck out of people who wear skate shoes
No one not even a black dude wants to mess with a Punk wearing a pair of steel capped doc martins
by fencingdude September 20, 2006
Black chunky heavy boots. Made for the workers but commonly worn by greebo's and goth's and other people too so don't think you are classified in one of those sections just because you wear "the boots".
They are wicked. They are not worn by skinheads only as I have hair DERRR!
Different types like all shoe manufactors.
Very hardy boot.
Look "cool" to some people but not to others........hmmm LOL
I think I'll wear my doc martins at rock cafe tonight
by Vb x November 15, 2005
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