a crazy ass mofo with a big dong who bans peeps for no reason.
Dobio is one wack ass foo who is gonna get popped again if he step outa line. Ima put my gat in his wach ass mouf if he dont stfu. loljkdobioplzdontbanifyoufigureoutwhoiam
by Biblo Baggins July 07, 2004
Top Definition
An angry Canadian who wears turtlenecks, watches that sport with the broom, and drinks maple syrup whilst saving 70-year-old women from drowning.
by WAIDFLUP July 07, 2004
A moderator on Newgrounds who may or may not prefer the company of men.
Dobio looks like Avril Lavigne this week!
by anonymous August 31, 2004
Another way of saying fag

I love to eat cock. Mmmm and when men cream in my mouth, my nipples get hard! Yes it is I, Dobio. I'm cumming out of the closet. Anyone want to give me an ass pounding?

*spreads cheeks*
You kissed a man?! You are such a Dobio!

You're nothing but a Dobio!

Please don't Dobio bash me!
by Dobio July 07, 2004
Like olskoo, he is a Newgrounds Moderator. Unlike Olskoo, Dobio is still around, and still enjoys his turtlenecks.
What the fuck is a Dobio?
by Kristof88 July 15, 2004
1) A type of turtle neck sweater, most often worn in biege. These sweaters seem to be the height of fashion in the barren wastelands of Canada.

2) A particularly fatal strain of the AIDs virus.

3) fag
"Hey, did you see that Dobio ?"

"Yeah, that guy's a pretentious harlot"
by Tremour September 15, 2004
A Newgrounds.com BBS moderator who is known as being a tight ass, but in reality is more of a friendly person
Dobio is a cool mod on the BBS
by ADarkerBreed September 17, 2004
Who can make the sun shine? Sprinkle it with dew? Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?
Punk kids:The Candy Man?

Confectionary Vendor:The Candy Man can.

<3 Gene Wilder
by MrTsar July 07, 2004
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