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When a boy/girl under 18 is given an article of clothing as a present, and they yell at the top of their lungs: "Master has presented Dobby with (article of clothing), Dobby is free!!!" After the cry is yelled, the boy/girl proceeds to freak out. Often used during christmas when underwear or ugly sweaters are recieved and the "Dobby" in the situation does not like it.
Mom: Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!, Here is your gift!
Jon:* Violently opens present to find a pair of socks.* M- master has Presented Dobby with socks, Dobby is freee!

*strips down to wife beater and proceeds to run out of the house
Mom: Fuck. He's Dobbying again. SON, STOP DOBBYING!! I'LL GET YOU MONEY!!!
by The Free Elf June 10, 2013
Beating yourself up about doing something stupid or feeling like a twat about something. From Harry Potter's Dobby, who constantly called himself 'bad Dobby, stupid dobby'.
'Oh stop dobbying yourself about it, I know you would have remembered if you were sober last night. Just don't go on about how bad you feel about letting me down.'
by diverdiva March 20, 2010
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