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Someone who consumes more of other peoples drugs than their own.
Watch out here comes the dobbler.
by Chris February 18, 2003
When a person(s) has chewing tobacco/chew in his lip/mouth.
Other terms that have derived from this word are:
Dobby McDob Dob
Robert Dobbler Jr.
"I've got a fatty dobbler in brah!"

"Can i get a dob?"

"Mind if I take a dobbler?"
by Renn Jensen September 10, 2007
A flasher, particularly an old vagrant type.
Local (Roxburghshire) variant of dobber
(a dobbler is a float used in angling, originally a quill with the tip painted red, which bobs up and down)
"See auld Davie the Dobbler's been in front o' the Shirra' again. They shud jist cut it aff."
by the horsieman September 29, 2009