a game that only victorians/ aussies are ever going to be good at. because we won the war? but really theres only 1 good player and hes not part of NEL :o
man that blokes awesome at day of defeat.
by Shags May 07, 2005
stands for Dump On Dome......the act of shitting on someones head who really pisses you off
yo josh lets give mrs. kofton a DOD cus shegave me detention
by carlito chavez January 07, 2008
a dod is a bit o hash
" I've Lost Ma Dod Last Nyt When A Wis Pished"
by Aurora**** November 13, 2007
Dome on demand. you've got a girl so whippedthat every time you inquire for fellatio it is received. Especially common in relationships where you are more interested in the servies provided than the girl.
Originated by Mathew and Stephen
Bitch get over to my house, I want my D.O.D. you know why I'm wearin basketball shorts for a reason.
by Mathew and Stephen September 07, 2006
Day of Defeat

DoD > CS

Cs has too many whining noobies
in CS, people are like


However, this is nonexistent in DoD!
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
MOD for Half-Life. WW2 era. Played by many crazy bastages.
"i am gonna go play some DoD."
by Joshua Jones December 04, 2002
Dick on Demand. Acronym used by military females to describe a guy (military or civilian) that is only good for one He is not someone to date, take home to mom, or build a future with. Using the acronym appropriately will allow females to talk about the man while making it sound work related.
The DOD made me work overtime last night. Thankfully I didn't have to get up early for PT.

Thank goodness for the DOD! I got paid last night!

Im going to have to quit the DOD! Too much drama!
by Sunshine Kandi November 15, 2010
Douche of the Day. Given to a person who says/does something that is un-called for or something that only an asshole would do.
joe: You're retarded and you don't have any friends.
Matt: Wow! ...DoD
by ron52 October 28, 2010

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