a game that only victorians/ aussies are ever going to be good at. because we won the war? but really theres only 1 good player and hes not part of NEL :o
man that blokes awesome at day of defeat.
by Shags May 07, 2005
Dead on Desk...shorthand reference to NYC workerbee found 3 days after he died with his face down on his desk.
I have a killer deadline to meet this week so knock on my office door to make sure I'm not DOD!
by PagePro September 07, 2009
Dick on Demand. A man who has a sexual relationship with a married woman.
Yea I'm married and I have a DoD.

He's my DoD.
by In2itDeep March 29, 2009
do or die.
Dod. Do or die.
by JF90 July 17, 2008
(D)ildo (o)f (D)eath . The acronym stemmed from quite a few posts on Ars Technica back in 2000-2002 and basically a DoD is a picture taken disadvantageously of a normal setting with something phallic in the background, like a large tower, Seattle Needle, Eiffel tower, etc.
"That's a great picture, but next time leave out the DoD.. it's coming out of your grandmother's skull!"
by DrArkaneX April 25, 2008
1: Dick on Demand
Can I get some DOD, before my well runs dry.
by Naught Ni May 13, 2010
Dick On Dick.
ryan and his mate liam were having some DOD action....
by bernard king of DOD June 04, 2009
A kid named XxThe_JokerxX on Urban Terror. Characterized by noobishness and an apparent lack of male genitalia.
oMG What a fucking DOD dude.
WOW kid, way to be a DOD.
by RICKY_J VAG December 05, 2008

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