Short for Desk Mail

When you write something on a desk for someone else to read later. Could be intentionally, for example writing a message to someone who sits in the same desk later in the day or unintentional, for example having someone forget to erase the answers for the test that they wrote on the desk or writing random crap on the desk.
Beanerous Brokus I: Holy crap I forgot to tell them I'm not going today. I'll just send em a d-mail


Beanerous Brokus I: Thank god I received that D-mail, I nearly failed the test.


Beanerous Brokus I: Look at this D-mail I got, it says "You suck"
by Beanerous Brokus I March 25, 2006
Top Definition
An email containing pictures of the male genitalia.
"I Dmailed this girl I met online a couple months back, and things went sour soon after. Now I'm worried that those photos are going to surface online!"
by Mathias R September 29, 2009
(n.) Abbreviation of 'drunk e-mail'.

An electronic message sent under the influence of excessive alcohol, usually regretted when sobriety returns.
<Holding head while staring at laptop screen> "Oh, no! I cannot believe I sent a d-mail to Emma last night declaring undying love."
by Beuys September 26, 2009
When you send an email while you are drunk.
I dmailed my boss last night after a 6-pack.
by slackert November 05, 2008
The technical IT term for going for a dump.
Snedwan - how's it going? What have you been up to?

Boss Hogg - Gotta run dude, I need to send a d-mail.
by Snedwan April 09, 2009
To send someone an email where the only thing associated with the email is an attachment of a dick pick. Essentially the dick version of being Rick Rolled.
"Paul sent me the nastiest D-mail today! He said the attachment was of a the biggest thing imaginable, but it was just a picture of his dick!"
by D-mailer June 04, 2016
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