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the d to tha j to the u to the r to the d to the j...oki u get da point...iz ma kutiii mereeeeeeeeeeeee jaanniiii...she likez em brothas fyneeee and she dun like no bendejos cuz she a mamacitta who lyke to say "he dun luv me no mo" hihihi
Djurdjica said he was a foo, cuz all he did was drool, didnt want nothin but that thang, she dun need a boy, she need a mayneeee
by Uknown March 01, 2005
cute lil gurl, who loves to criticize others(but in a positive and funny way), many tim hortons and club guys hit on her, cuz shes such a party freak, and luvs to get it on ...loool
the most original god's creation and a great, sweet friend anyone could hope 4:)
when he said yo, Djurdjica said sorry i aint a ho
by Uknown March 01, 2005