A last name of many people that makes for a bunch of fun puns.
Harry Dix
Fonda Dix
Lon Dix
Dix on deck
Dix in the whole
You suck Dix (referring to a worthless person)
by Reed J. Dix November 30, 2006
a saying for the term dicks instead of dick, because the x sounds like a word with an s on it.
his dix stink, BTW, how does he have more than 1, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
by ren walkero September 30, 2008
Is closely related to 'DIXCORE'

DIX represents the feeling that comes over one when he is inadvertantly placed out of his prefered environment, OR, something unluckily bad happens to him/her.

The verbular form of "DIX to you" is "you got dicked"
"haha dix to you kunt!"

"oohhh that's dix!"

"suck shit wanker, you got dicked!"
by Johnny BABZ August 14, 2006
The word dick in plural..
Go suck some dix homo
by Rocc0 February 08, 2005
To be decent.
The act of being decent, an abbreviation for decency.
A hot or attractive girl (a dixer)
Pronounced "deece"
Negative form "indix"
Did you see that girl today? shes dix!
I got 100% on my test today...thats dix.
by Craig Subluxx November 04, 2006
a gay fag who doesnt like to play speedball because he is exceptionally lazy and slow. he also sleeps too much

featured in the chronicles of Fat Dan..he tried to over throw the world and put everyone to sleep

also know as a jew-ban ( Jewish-Cuban)
wow dix is so gay speedball rocks

Sleepy Josh Dix tried to overthrow the world with his army of Jewbans

"wow look at that jewish cuban"
"yeah hes a Jewban alright"
by joefaggy mcgayimus July 27, 2007
by warsawronald November 05, 2003
DIX, it mean's DICK it was formed in the iRO loki server XD

HAY, wanna see my DIX!
by Pride April 24, 2004

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