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The male version of a Diva
The boy would not drink tap water because he is a straight up Divo!
by Ivan May 11, 2003
129 24
A male diva. Considerably since o is for men and a is for women. Like chico and chica.
Male models who have good looks and a killer bod have become so divo.
by Alex Salazar November 14, 2006
95 31
A Male Diva. More concerned with the label on the clothes than how they actually look. Must accessorize every outfit with something completely uneccesary.
Did you see Kanye West on Storytellers. Goddamn he is such a fucking Divo!!
by C.O. Jones in yo mouth August 03, 2009
31 25
A dude that bitches because he can't have his way and gets mad over stupid shit.
-Hey you know that guy Shiraz, he is pissed because me and my friends played a joke on him.

-What a divo, I bet he's always like that huh?

-Yeah, I think that it runs in the family.
by Georgiana June 12, 2006
29 36
Male Diva. A momma's boy. A man who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.
Just take out the trash already! Stop being such a Divo!
by QueenYollieDoll March 23, 2011
11 19
A femine man, who is very dramatic.
Dillion: I want a new car, if I don't get it I will never talk to you again!! (as he walks away pouting)

Bradley: You are such a Divo!!!
by Slim Steph October 21, 2006
12 39
To remove a show from your TiVo or DVR Season Pass list.
My wife got tired of The Bachelor, so she divo'd it.
by Mark Meinhardt December 19, 2005
7 34