to perform cunnilinctus on a menstruating woman.
Bernadette was very happy: her new boyfriend had promised to go diving into the red sea once Eastenders had finished.
by Dunky Oggins November 15, 2003
Top Definition
when you go down on a girl whos having her period
you sick fuck.
by spiffylicious November 17, 2003
An act completed to earn your "Red Wings".
Eating a girl out during her period. Or to perform cunnilingus during the end of the monthly menstrual cycle when menstrual flow is present.
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003
Having sloppy blood=filled oral sex with a girl on the rag. High-five!
Man, your girl is being a bitch today! Is she on the rag?
-Fuck yeah, but I get to dive into the red sea later!
-High five!
by JRP November 16, 2003
when someone (usually a male) has sex with a (usually a female) while she's on her period.
johnny: hey sexy, you ready for me?
suzy:no way..*whispers* it's that time of the month)
johnny: don't worry, i'll 'dive right into that red sea.'
by D November 17, 2003
Diving Into The Red Sea would be giving a women "oral" pleasures while she is "riding the cotton pony".
She's riding the cotton pony tonight so I'll be diving into the red sea.
by Jizon November 14, 2003
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