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The official version of what really happened to Di
I have my suspicions regarding that Diversion. No, I bleave that Diversion, don't ye?
by Hercolena Oliver May 04, 2008
A program created by the government to help "troubled teens" who find themselves in a position to getting a charge against them. to keep them "out of the court" the kids are accepted into a diversion program. Through the whole thing, the government, the teens and the parents waste a whole lot of time and whole of tax dollars, ameliorating absolutely nothing. When getting a ticket would have been a better option in the first place.
Teen #1: Dude, did you hear? That girl told us for denting mailboxes?
Teen #2: Oh, dont worry dude, we just got diversion.
Teen#1: OHHH NOOO!

Teen #3: Duuuude, im just gonna go to court, like a smart kid.
by WithaK123 January 11, 2011
A distraction.
Bob Sagget: Look up there! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a diversion!

Bob Faggot: Where?!
by BOB OF SAGGET February 18, 2010
facebook is the best diversion since myspace.
by FluxCapacitor9 March 31, 2009