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During sexual relations, the man climbs to a higher altitude than the woman (as God intended) preferably from the unsafe step on a ladder, and leaps, throwing hisself into the upward-pointing, eagerly awaiting, vaginal recepticle. 10pts for the goo, 100 for the poo, -5 for the floor. 10 times multiplier for screaming "This is for FDR!!!"
Greg missed big time when he tried the Divebomb: he walked funny for a week. That floor stings like a bitch!
by Matt, Mike, Ryan, and Meera January 12, 2008
14 82
When you are about to cum: pull out, position your partner so he/she is laying down (face up), stand over him/her, and try to cum in his/her mouth from above. Sometimes a competitive grading system is involved: 10 points for divebombing the mouth and -5 for divebombing the eye (because, when semen ejaculates at 30 miles per hour, a divebomb can be quite dangerous).
Oh man, I divebombed this chick last night soo hard. Thankfully I didn't hit her eye. I need to make it to divebomb finals.
by The Tunabomber December 07, 2010
148 26
the aquatic version of death from above
asshole: DIVE BOMB!!!!!! *sploosh*
victim: *sniff* my latte...
by Spaz De Kat January 22, 2009
43 12
To take a shit standing up to give the appearance that the poop is "dive-bombing" the water.
I was dive bombing and some of the water splashed up and got my cheeks wet.
by his grace March 25, 2008
33 24
The act of drunkenly, running across a room, where a party is going on, jumping onto a table with the sole purpose of breaking it and making yourself look awesome/like an ass.
Holy shit, did you just see Holloway dive bomb that table?
by Live Ever Die Never October 16, 2008
6 10
In auto racing, a divebomb is considered a last-ditch effort to overtake the car in front of you by outbraking and diving low, because of not having the driver skill or ability to get a run off the corner and make a move on the straightaway.
Juan Pablo Montoya totally divebombs the field's FACE every week on the NASCAR circuit.
by David_Healy May 21, 2007
25 79
A sound created on a guitar by slamming the whammy bar down, then up.

Used mainly 90s vegan mosh.
Green rage divebombs
Canon divebombs
by Mosh to revolution February 26, 2009
10 78