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1. Occurring, or taking place at daytime.

2. Active during daylight hours.

3. Reoccurring in the day, or daily.
As oppose to Nocturnal animals that are active at night some animals are Diurnal only becoming active in the day.
by NotKnownToYou April 02, 2009
The actual word for any animal or human who is active during the day and sleeps during the night.
Person 1: Haha dude, your sleeping habits are so weird. I'm just dayturnal.
Person 2: What the fuck is that?
Person 1: It means I sleep in the night and am active during the day. I saw it on Urban Dictionary, it was the word of the day!
Person 2: There's already a word for that fuckwit, it's called "diurnal." You can't just make up words that already exist. I guess Urban Dictionary is administrated by retards.
by Person McGuire July 05, 2011
The opposite of nocturnal; by day.
Most people are diurnal, although some people are like night-owls and are nocturnal.
by Alfajor July 06, 2011
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