Noun: A massive, colossal, over-sized, nearly un-flushable shit that makes a mockery of every toilet bowls' code of standards. Some of the more famous and celebrated Ditka dugan's have been known to incapacitate plumbing fixtures nationwide. One usually experiences the relief of pinching a Ditka dugan after a large meal, such as barbeque beef ribs or a hibachi dinner at a Japanese restaraunt. This form of dugan is most common among male adults.

This syonym for taking a "number two" memorializes the NFL hall-of-famer Mike Ditka, whose obvious portly/hairy appearance would lead any common man to believe that Ditka's dugan would triumphantly dwarf his own.
(on his way out of the office): "Janice, hold all my calls -I've gotta go drop a Ditka dugan. But I'll be right back."
by danvanmat August 31, 2011

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