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(Noun) It is the pronunciation of the acronym D.I.T.M. which stands for "Dick In The Mouth."

1) It is the language spoken by a man/woman who wishes to perform oral sex on someone.

2) Term used to describe someone's carnal intentions ; usually relating to oral sex.
1) Yo, look at that drunk girl in the corner! She is clearly speakin' ditum tonight.

2) She can not speak a lick of english, but I heard she was fluent in ditum.
by Brian S. & Chris C. April 04, 2008
From "Who's That Chick" song with David Guetta featuring Rhianna. "dita" being another word for "diva."
She's being a crazy dita, disco diva, and you wonder, who's that chick?
by Rhianna'sLover April 03, 2011
a cute little white rabbit
my little dita likes to play in the backyard.
by megmegan November 14, 2007
Dick in the ass

1. when someone walks, like they actually have a dick in their ass.

2. It virtually replaces the phrase " are you for real"

3. It can replace the words "awesome" , "anal sex", " Playa or Friend ", and even the term " awwwww diip or awww snap "

4. That's dick....because the D does in turn stands for dick

5. Greeting/Salutation
Ex/ Awww shit son that girl fucking walks like a penguin....shes got a DITA goin on.

Ex/ " Im going to the Taking Back Sunday concert"

" DITA?....thats sick wit it"

Ex/ -yo this ice cream is Dita
-awwww dita son you done did em

Ex/ That sucks ...like what Im tryin to say is welcome to Dita's waterice cause the D stands for dick.

Ex/ " whats goin on son"
" whats up Dita"
by Jason aka Boontang February 10, 2004