A place where Derry, and Wizzy keep Scabby in gainful employment.
Where Ronan is Wizzy's obsession, and the butterbeer flows freely. Harry Potter
by Twinkle January 15, 2005
A place that unites people of all nationalities (much like the UN), in a common hatred of the oaf Hagrid.
"Die, Hagrid! Die! Die! Die! Die, you bastard!" said Harry, swinging a baseball bat at the half-giant's head.

Ron poured a large amount of petrol all over Hagrid's obese body, and playfully flicked a lighter on and off. "This is going to be for all those shit Care of Magical Creatures lessons!"

Hermione, meanwhile, squarely aimed her steel toe-capped boots at Hagrid's groin. "And this is for all those times you called me 'ermione!"
by Anonymous January 28, 2005
A place where Cho is rightly worshipped as the true love of Harry Potter by all elite members.

First rule of Dissendium - we never talk about Dissendium.
"Harry felt a lurch in his stomach which he didn't think had anything to do with nerves."
by Tina Trelawney Wood January 18, 2005

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