Upgraded form of "diss", stands for "disrespect". Can be used as a verb or a noun.

Nota Bene: Nothing to do with U2's singer.
I dissbono'ed that loser, twice.

Dude 1: You're fat.
Dude 2: You're mom's fat.
Random dude: Ooooooh DISSBONO!
by Dudez123456 May 18, 2007
Top Definition
Diss Bono is an expression used mostly in Montreal's ghettos. It's the kind of thing you may say just after insulting someone very hard. It's used only when the person is totally destroyed and can't reply anything.
-How are you Jo?
-Well and you?
-Pretty bad.
-You're a little bastard! DISS BONO!
by Fred Arbieto May 31, 2007
It's when you Diss someone so hard that he doesn't know what to answer. He might be really ashamed or humiliated.
It's mostly used in the ghettos of Montreal.
(Talking to your neighbor named Jo)
-I think you should install curtains Jo.
-Why is that?
-I've seen you fucking with your dog yesterday night.
(Now Jo is Diss Bono)
by EL-chixxx June 14, 2007
A superlative form off diss
You just get owned , your diss

You just get very owned, your dissbono
by FLQ May 30, 2007
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