the cesspool where parents go so they're children can go on a hydraulic lift painted like dumbo, eventually leading to them crying endlessly and being little shits for an entire day.
"WAGHHHHHHHHHHMOAAAHGHHHHMMMMMMM!!!" said the dissheveled child, upon leaving disneyland.
by jaykuppp December 29, 2007
Where they give you the Disneyland Inch.
I went to Disneyland and came back poor and walking funny.
by KillS-crap-pyDoo March 22, 2004
Ali Gs name for New Zealand
Disneyland and Bangladesh are seperated by de Channel Tunnel
by brother_number_one July 30, 2003
It's also Los Angeles slang for going to jail.
I got caught in a stolen car, got a ticket to Disneyland.
by Ceferino March 31, 2009
1. (noun)another word for being in the state of being hi or on weed or some other type of drug.
2. can refer to weed or any drug that can be smoked
hey i got some disneyland!
wanna go to disneyland this weekend?

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