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(n) yet another Urban Dictionary entry prone to Urban Censorship
Disneyland has ghost posts.
by fduck May 18, 2004
105 69
The largest human trap run by a Mouse. See also: disneyworld.
I went to Disneyland on vacation excited, happy and rich, and left poor, tired, and sick.
I'm going again next year.
by _allismine_ June 05, 2006
511 140
The happiest place in the entire world; life, the universe, and everything; Walt's perfect/utopian kingdom in which everyone may be happy; the last hope for goodness in the world
I want to go to Disneyland everyday of my life because it is simply the BEST!!!!
by "Partners" May 26, 2008
386 155
the place where:

1. it takes an hour to get on the peter pan ride, and three hours to get on space mountain.

2. you spend 50 bucks alone on churros & ice cream, not counting meals, souvenirs, and all the other crap you don't need.

3. once or (if we're lucky) twice a year, someone dies, the ride closes for two weeks, then they re-open it with new music and new safety requirements and height limits.

4. the same music tracks play all day that make you want to blast your brains out.
after a 60 dollar breakfast at the disneyland hotel, and waiting four hours to ride space mountain, timmy flew out of his seat on the coaster and died.
by d-blair April 05, 2008
166 136
The happiest place on earth. Walter Elias Disney's creation. It was, is, and always will be the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately, Disney is becoming more and more of a currupt company. Down Sides: expensive tickets, souveneirs and food, long lines, and occasional ride being closed.
Despite some of this, it's still awesome
Disneyland is REALLY fun to go to despite it's down sides!
by disneyimagineer March 11, 2012
23 5
(verb) The act of using creative means to conceal the true length of a line or other wait.
The Sears Tower wasn't worth the trip, they totally disneylanded us.
by badsfo January 25, 2011
18 24
the cesspool where parents go so they're children can go on a hydraulic lift painted like dumbo, eventually leading to them crying endlessly and being little shits for an entire day.
"WAGHHHHHHHHHHMOAAAHGHHHHMMMMMMM!!!" said the dissheveled child, upon leaving disneyland.
by jaykuppp December 29, 2007
78 96