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1.) The 40+ year-old man you see at Disney Parks collecting pins, wearing "Grumpy" apparel, tube socks, a Disney hat, and high shorts. Mustache, backpack, and sunglasses optional.

2.) The 40+ year-old woman you see at Disney Parks collecting pins, wearing Disney Park clothing, a fanny pack, and a form of Disney headwear. Glasses, backpack, and bad hair optional.

3.) That jerk at Disneyland who goes alone, believes everyone should be quiet in line, and gripes about it on a Disney Forum.

4.) The guy who writes "Park Peeves" online.
"So, should I bring my special Disney pins to trade with random people, and money to blow on more pins?"

"Please refrain from being a Disneyland Dork today."
by XavierDavies June 26, 2009

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