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Disneyhood refers to a district where the young and affluent have displaced an urban jungle with a theme park of fusion restaurants, appointment-only boutiques and heirloom cocktail lounges.

A few old guard local residents and other tokens of the neighborhood's gritty past are retained by local realtors to lend a thin layer of urban panache for newly arrived boutiques and trust fund-financed artist lofts.
INVESTMENT BANKER: "Dude, I would not go partying in the lower east side after midnight, you can't get a cab, the cabbies are afraid of getting robbed"

ARTIST WITH RENT CONTROLLED APARTMENT: "Cabdrivers are not afraid of lower east side, that is Disneyhood! They just don't want your drunk ass throwing up in their cab"
by 415man94102 May 12, 2010
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