A people trap run by a mouse.
"I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well I'm not a crook." -Richard Nixon, November 17, 1973 Televised press conference at Walt Disney World, Florida.
by stf_ August 02, 2005
A code word meaning "making out on the beach" or any other kind of hooking up.
wally: "whatd you do with her last night"
me: "we went to disney world"
wally: "nice"
by mickey doolz August 24, 2006
Long lines, sucky rides, rides closed due to weather, unbelievable heat and humidity, rip off price's real waste of time.
Avoid Disney world save your money your sanity, and you body.
by benth July 10, 2008
A hell hole made for no one over the age of 9. The intense heat adds to the sound of joyful children screaming and running and spilling ice cream. There is nothing for someone over the age of 9 to do there, the rides suck. go to cedar point.
that damned mouse owns disney world, one day ill kill him.
by yankee February 20, 2006
The place that u scream kinky butt sex on all the rides....If u dont ur gay....next time u go to disney world....or any other theme park....or any other place....scream kinky butt sex! u kno u wannna.....and remember the people that started this fad....a half asian half white dip shit and a full indian fucktard...that would be me....LONG LIVE BAND TRIPS!!!....also the place where the monorail song was invented....and where i had kinky HAND sex (in haunted mansion with some random chick)....and remember....CHANTILLY HIGH SCHOOL rocks...so suck it bitches!!!! XD
*riding on a roller coaster in Disney World* *SCREAMING...* KINKY BUTT SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Arjun Patel September 16, 2007

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