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When one is constipated and takes a laxative to help the two weeks of backlogged impacted feces. When the excretion begins, one would see diarreah remnants of many different foods, almost as if you had just done a load of a dirty dishes.
Brian: Oh shit, I'm gonna dishwater in my tighty-whities if I don't get some 2-ply and a toilet immediately.

Nate: hahaha, Dishwater.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008
A yorkshire term for a shit beer, usually used to describe a pint of Carling or Castlemaine as these are shit lagers in my opinion. when used down in London by a northerner they may say "Thames Water"
"You coming for a brewski??" "ok but i can only afford dish water"
"I hate my new Job in London, im going for a pint of that dish water that these southerners call a decent brew"
by T to tha OG May 13, 2006
Decolorated hair colour, for blonde.
"One a redhead and one is, I call a dishwater blonde, came in and sat down at the center table, center row." James Ellroy, My dark places
by Joak43 August 14, 2007