(n) Prominently African-American males, known for being one of the greatest people you have ever met and equally popular with the ladies, but also sentimental at times, he dresses exceptionally well with a skinny tie and a cuff tight; he also enjoys making people laugh; even though he may act like he's slow, he is indeed highly intelligent and that cause males to hate on him and females love him.
(v) Making you feel stupid and always flirting with females.
Male- "You know Dishon started the Hipster trend"
Female- "Did he really!?!?!?!"
Male- "Yup"
Female- "WOW! Dishon is so awesome! Why can't you be like him?"
by Riolu December 22, 2012
Top Definition
The coolest person in the world with a huge dick (hung like a horse). And can get any girl he wants is also good at COD (the best)
Person: Wow that guy is HUGE! and good at COD wow what a dishon.
by gsdfgfghsdghfdarsergf February 23, 2011
Somebody that has a good side and a bad side. Someone who likes a girl but can't get her. Someone who is a pacifist.
Dishon is half good half bad. Dishon is a pacifist.
by hbffrf July 07, 2010
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