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Basically dish-nut is the sporting event of all sporting events. It is a little like the track and field maneuver "baton pass". It works a little like this: A group of guys divide themselves into 3 teams of 4 and bust a nut on the girl in their group. It works like a relay, the guys go one at a time and the group that all team members bust a nut on win, you bust a nut and dish the girl to your team member. This is the unheard of sport called Dish-nut
Eddie:It's all up to you Freddie! Maxy, and Zacky already busted on this bitch, so we're dishing her off to you.
Freddie:Alright, I won't let you down guys! I love Dish-nut!!
by D2K47 June 06, 2011
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