the only useful part of the male anatomy for females
There is nothing good about that man except for his disco stick.
by jack black's penis August 07, 2009
1. A term made famous by Lady Gaga in her hit song Love Game.

2. Slang for penis.

3. An erection caused by drugs and/or alcohol and loud, techno music.

4. When you cover your penis with the liquid inside of a glowstick before sex.
1. Lets have some fun this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!

2. His disco stick was 10 inches!

3. The rave caused be to get a disco stick.

4. Last night my boyfriend did a disco stick! It made me so horny!
by arianne! August 18, 2010
An overly large penis that lady gaga used to prove she was a woman.
did you see how lady gaga used that disco stick ;D
by anneke. December 06, 2010
Clever anagram for Penis popularized by Lady Gaga.

Just remove the "sco" and the "Sti" then slap the two together....

DIsco stiCK
Oblivious Girl Singing: Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!
Guy: Let's go!
by JohnnyDBA August 01, 2010
Referred to as a penis by many people started by lady gaga
Guy1: Have you heard of that Jordan kid? Guy2: Yeah, I've heard he's ridden 7 disco sticks in one night!
by Empeh January 03, 2010
a strap on for lesbians
lets have some fun
this beat is sick
i wanna take a ride
on your disco stick.
by anonymous user 69 February 09, 2009
An alcoholic drink consisting of Vodka in RedBull. Makes for an awesome buzz/drunk. AKA double buzz.
Yo, hit me up with a disco stick.
by Bajaroon February 13, 2010
Term referenced by Lady Gaga in reference to a pole in a dance club where one would take a second from dancing with someone to tell the owner of a club they are going to dance on it.
Person dancing with someone says "Lets have some fun this beat is sick" Turns to owner and says "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
by Sylvs July 20, 2009

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