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Groovy; used by Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) after sucessfully directing Vincent Vega (John Travolta) over to her intercom.
"Warmer, warmer...Disco!"
by The Eviscerator October 31, 2003
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1.A discotheque.
2.a.Music. Popular dance music characterized by strong repetitive bass rhythms. b.A style of dancing done especially to disco music.
by The man December 22, 1999
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A genre of black music that the rock fans hated mainly because EVERYBODY enjoyed and danced to it, and rock music was pretty much going down the toilet at that time. The era of disco ended in 1979 when an event called Disco Demolition Night, which was held at the Chicago White Sox stadium , quickly became one of the worst sports disasters of the century when disgruntled rock fans wrecked the stadium while racing to get the disco records burned and blown up.

Disco abruptly disappeared from public view and resurfaced in the 1980s in Chicago in the form of house music, which is still fairly popular today.
Remember kids, disco sucks because dancing is the work of the Devil.
by Ear for Music August 24, 2004
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Discothèque is a derivative of the word Disc and the French word bibliothèque, which means library. Discothèque is essentially a record library, and the term is now generally synonymous with nightclub.

Disco started in about 1971, at first a more localized club fad of playing prerecorded repetitive songs with strong 4 beats for patrons to dance to. In the mid 70s, artists like Donna Summer and the Bee Gees brought disco to the general public. On July 12, 1979, the infamous “Disco Demolition Night” took place at Comiskey park in Chicago, Il.
"Disco Sucks."
"I got Disco fever!"
by Neatoman May 24, 2006
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A place to cause a panic.
Brendon Urie went to the disco and caused a panic.
by petre448 March 02, 2007
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1. The only dance to be brutally murdered in history
2. The Jesus of music. Used to be the shit, but everyone sort of lost interest. Was killed by haters, and eventually came back from the dead.
Now I know why disco died.
Disco demolition day was like the crucifixtion of Christ of the music world
by MaximumOverdrive October 19, 2008
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Disco is a difficult form of competitive dancing mostly done in the UK and surrounding areas. It has pretty much nothing to do with the steryotpe of older disco music. Disco today uses fast club/dance music and requires agility, flexibility, grace, coordination, and good endurance. Competitions are usually held on Sunday's except some last all weekend. Dancers train extensivley during the week. They wear highly decorated costumes, often called cozzies, that are designed to stand out and be noticed by the judges during competition. Disco moves can include kicks, spins, leaps, and balances
Did you know Laura does disco? Her mum's letting her get a new cozzie, she's going to wear it at Brean!
by KittyLaura March 20, 2006
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