Something cheap and cheesy that you do to get popularity/fame/acceptance despite the fact that you have potential and or talent. Invented at the start of man, Innovative and Popularized by Lady Gaga.
Did you hear about that band. They totally Disco Stick'd to get on the radio. Laaaame.
by A fan who hate that fake song December 03, 2009
a stick that resembles a disco ball that is passed around at parties. when someone receives the disco stick, they must dance until they pass it to someone else.
jane just loves when she gets the disco stick, she pulls out all of her best moves.
by Elroro;] September 26, 2009
When a girl puts glitter inside her vagina, and then queefs, giving a magical explosion of glitter. After doing this, she has sex and the guy will have glitter on his dick, thus a disco stick.
"Man, last night my girlfriend queefed and glitter went everywhere! We did it, and then I had a disco stick"

"I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
by The Duke Of Nixington April 19, 2009
Originally a term from the Lady Gaga single 'Love Games', referring to a penis - supposedly the penis of some random guy she met in a club.

Is now also used to refer to the act of putting a pill (ie; ecstasy etc) inside one's penis and having one's partner suck it out.
"Last night was crazy... a random chick asked me for a pill and I said she could only have it if I gave her a disco stick. Which I did." <raise hand for high-five> "Don't leave me hangin.."
by analogeyecandy May 11, 2009
A relatively large penis that cheap hookers smoke crack off of
Whoa! Shelly's totally going down on that black guy's disco stick.
by Betterlookingthanu March 08, 2009
1) non-lethal weapon for breaking up riots/parties or subduing a combatant (commonly used by police or military):

a) powered stun baton emitting colorful sparks like disco ball reflections,

b) non-powered, usually collapsible baton. So-called because of tendency to produce spinning star-like visual artifacts, reminiscent of a disco ball, when used on the skull.

2) lighted sticks or tubes of various colors commonly used for signaling, navigation in darkness, or dance parties. Can be battery-powered, fluorescent/phosphorescent, or lit by chemical reaction. The colors can glow steadily, strobe, or cycle. The term derives from their popular use at raves and other dance parties to achieve novel, personal lighting effects as an improvement over the Disco Era's trend of wearing bright, shiny clothing or jewelry to maximize the reflections of a disco ball. Also called glow sticks, neon bling, or luminaria.
1) The SWAT team quickly contained the riot by employing disco sticks and firehoses.

2) That DJ's signature is tying bi-colored disco sticks in his dreadlocks and using a stroboscope to make them dance to the beat.
by illuminate-us October 05, 2010
A Disco Stick is a guy's penis...
You were just wondering that because
you heard it in the song Love Game
by Lady Gaga
1: Whats a disco stick?
2: A dude's thing
1: Oh...
2: Its gross
1: Yeah
by Adam rox April 06, 2010
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