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A girl who likes going to the club to dance, all the time.
Girl: Hey where are you going?
Girl #2: To the club, I feel like dancing.
Girl: You're such a disco bunny.
by TxStar22 December 17, 2006
21 13
"Girls who hang out near discos all night, you buy them a drink or two then drive them around LA all night".
watch Born in East LA....
by Cheech October 19, 2003
55 8
A girl who gets dressed up in strange, revealing outfits, wares wigs and other paraphernalia and attends raves, usually out of there head.
No1. "That disco bunny is a mentalist"
No2. "yes, yes she is"
by UndefinedQA October 04, 2008
6 14