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It is the combining words of Bieber and Disbeliever. The opposite of Belieber. It is when a person doesn't believe in Justin Bieber and is a hater towards him. Most Disbeliebers are male but some are female. This word is not to be confused with Disbeliever in God.
I am a Believer in God but a Disbelieber towards Justin Bieber. I have faith in God but no faith in Justin Bieber. I love God but hate Justin Bieber.
The combining of the words Beiber and disbeliever.
Bob: I think you have Beiber fever?
Mary: BUT I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! lol I'm a "Disbelieber"
Bob: You even misspelled his name I believe you.
by Beiberfanforever September 06, 2010
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